As with any club, the UTA has, and always will be about its members. Their ideas and drive are what keeps the club alive. So we look to our members, for future growth, and stability and hope with their help to make this into a club, which will be a standout in the community, and will represent not only the UTA, but trikers in all areas Being a members of UTA gives you access to a huge ‘human database’ of information about trikes, not only from the club itself but from the members, there isn’t to may things that we don’t know or know where to look for the information, including licensing, insurance and mechanical issues.

Enjoy The Threedom!

Membership Renewal


The club holds regular meetings and gatherings. These normally include weekend gatherings and rides as well as local member day rides and social gatherings such as Christmas parties and informal barbeques. The club meets for its annual general meeting in various locations and these events are not to be missed trike gatherings. The club is open to all trike owners and enthusiasts and we encourage your participation in our activities regardless of whether you currently own a trike or are still looking for the trike of your dreams.

​It's a trike, it's a three-wheel motorcycle



United Trikers Australia Inc.
PO Box 338
Macarthur Square, New South Wales 2560

Paul (Gozo) Gosling - Club President and Newsletter Editor
(02) 4627 7878

Steve Schreiber
- Vice President
0411 551 790

Vince (Bo) Broady - Secretary
0423 494 641

Garry (Gazzaa) Cochran - Website Administration
0490 121 877

Craig ( Buck ) Corrigan
- Membership Secretary
0428 273 109